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"How real is this threat? AYFKM? Have you met these guys? Of course, it’s plausible."

It never ends with these people. We are watching democracy as we have known it our entire lives being chipped away, piece by precious piece, all across the country. Battle after crazy battle. We MUST convince a vast majority of Independents that this would not end well for our children and grandchildren, if we cannot impose massive defeats at the polls to today's GOP - normies included.

We have to hammer home that the GOP puts Guns over Children, bans books but not AR-15's, prefers performative theater to actual governance, stresses grievance over solutions.

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God Made a fighter. But Mickey Mouse beat that fighter. And also Donald Trump is beating that fighter. And also that orange fighter fighting God's fighter is getting about to get wailed on by a large, angry New Jersey fighter with diminished lung capacity.

This is the primary that Republican voters deserve.

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Fox News, Fair and Balanced


Fox News, Where the Truth is Bad for Business.

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The Disney story is not surprising; in fact, I am sure DeSantis/the Legislature is secretly happy about it. Much of what the MAGA right does is pure theater and they know that implementing the crazy would be terrible. So they pass unconstitutional laws or legislation with loopholes and then they get to live in a normalish world but bitch twice (the initial complaint and then the shock, SHOCK!, that they have been foiled by the socialist left (courts/companies/etc.). Some of what they do does have terrible consequences, but a lot is just feeding the MAGA crowd their diet of red meat.

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Honestly, none of us is in the grand jury room, which has been quite leak free. Is it really asking too much to show some patience and not keep up with empty speculation?

As for the thugs in Wisconsin and Utah, I know I keep saying this but it keeps being true: I no longer need to wonder what happened in Germany in the '30s.

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How about this for a reason there hasn’t been an indictment...


And all you media and pundits lapped it up and ran with it like the puppies/sheep you are.

Everyone got their clicks.

Trumps poll numbers bounced.

18 months to go. Buckle up, y’all!

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I will say this for Chris Christie:

I remember how stunned and saddened I was that Lamar Alexander voted to acquit Trump in his first impeachment trial. Alexander, who was generally seen as one of the more reasonable voices within the party, was soon to retire. What did he have to lose?

The answer generally agreed upon at the time was that he still had to go back home to his community and live his life within the same Republican circles that he always had. He didn't want to expend his social capital, have the stigma of political treachery attached to him, and end up not being able to go to the grocery store without being confronted by MAGA cultists.

It was at this point that I realized that MAGA wasn't going away any time soon. If it was so omnipresent in Republican culture that it transcended the mere utilitarian need for politicians to placate their voters, we were in for a long ride. Needless to say, I found this incredibly depressing.

So whatever entirely legitimate criticisms one wishes to level against Christie, and there are many, I'm glad he's actually acting like a guy with nothing to lose. Nobody wants to be the guy to punch a bully in the mouth, because what if nobody else backs you up? But somebody needs to take the first swing if others are ever to have the guts to do so.

I'm not giving Christie any medals. You can question his motivation, especially since his criticism is still largely framed in terms of the threat to Republicans winning elections rather than the well being and moral fiber of America. You can speculate about whether he'd do an about-face if Trump won the nomination.

But I'm still happy to see him take a few swings. Happy enough to hope for more.

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Culture Wars is an odd way to frame people banning movies about Ruby Bridges and taking away people's civil rights

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A spring hiatus for the grand jury in New York City is entirely plausible. Schools close down for Passover or Easter in a Spring Break. It's a time when people might travel because their children are not in school.

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Liz Cheney would be the best person to destroy Trump. I doubt the party would let her on stage. She is touring the country giving talks warning about how dangerous Trump and his Republican followers are. If Chris Christie would join her, fine. The problem is, so far, there are NO proponents of democracy thinking for running for the Republican nomination. Everyone is chicken, complicit, or worse. DeSantis is worse.

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The WI republican legislators rival t**** for being the sorest losers of all time. Remember what they did to Tony Evers when he was elected. To the good people of WI, if you are ever to be free of the tyranny of the republican minority you must put this woman on the supreme court and keep this republican OUT of the state senate. Your freedom depends on it.

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“And there is a lack of understanding what is going on in these shows”

Audience capture defined in a single sentence.

Not gonna lie Charlie, those poll numbers on cultural issues directly contradict the entire podcast from yesterday with Ruy.

Finally, NRO published an article yesterday decrying the judicial race in WI by the same guy that blamed DEMOCRATS for the gerrymandering in the state. The chutzpah!!!

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If your party is unable to convince a majority of voters on the merits of their your policy ideas, it makes perfect sense to ignore those voters and use the levers of government to do what you want to do anyway.

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Disney should never have had that much power in the first place. However, they are fortunate in their enemies. Apparently they’ve booked in the biggest LGBTQI+ convention Orlando has ever hosted this coming September. Heh heh heh.

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The timing of the NY indictment was always speculation. “Legal experts” surmised that because Trump was invited to testify (which he declined as expected), an indictment was coming soon. Then Trump amplified that with his posts. I think Alvin Bragg (my DA that I voted for) is smart enough to think (all by himself) that he didn’t want to go first with hush-money/porn star. He didn’t need all the critics to tell him. Also, I suspect that 2 prominent Black DAs that have been subject to atrocious racist attacks by Trump and his followers have the opportunity to chat by phone every once in a while so have a better idea than the rest of us where things stand in each case.

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Remember when NC elected a Democrat governor and the state GOP responded by limiting the powers of the governor as far as they could? Remember how the people calling that not only anti-democratic, but a power grab, were told they're overreacting? Well, the continued tolerance and enablement of that kind of shit in NC is what allows the numb-nuts in Wisconsin to campaign on impeaching a judge who hasn't even been elected yet for things he can't even name. What we have now aren't two parties of equal stature advocating for competing ideas. What we have is one party trying to actually govern and one party who has decided the maturity of a teenager is a good policy platform. And all of us are the lesser for it

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