I think the GOP has lost its mind. Most Americans are not ready to trip back to the oppressive 1950s. Listen, I am a 71 year old grandmother and I do not believe that kids are being unduly influenced (I have grandchildren as young as 9). I actually think it is healthy for kids to be able to talk comfortably about topics that could be (and was) historically uncomfortable for many of us. A few days ago my 9 year old grandson made the following statement to me with utmost sincerity: “you know, I like girls but I could see myself crushing on a boy”. I love that my grandchildren discuss these issues with me without any hesitation. I wish I had had that freedom to speak when I was young. Whatever path they choose in life I will ALWAYS love them unconditionally.

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I do not understand why trans people are such an issue for so many. They're less than 1% of the population, and yet everyone talks about them like they're everywhere. They're not! It's not like there is some huge epidemic of trans women defeating women everywhere in sports. It's not like there's some huge epidemic of trans women doing horrible things to people. By and large, based on how many there are, and how they're literally not hurting anyone, the proper response would be 'well, I might not want to live their lifestyle, but it's their lifestyle to live.'

The reason why the right doesn't face a backlash can be seen in the trans 'debate.' Moderates regularly grab activist perspectives, things that will never become law or are even accepted by a majority, and put them next to actual GOP platforms, leading people to think these are the same thing. They're not!

You can't be going 'well there are good points on both sides.' No there really isn't! There isn't an explosion of trans people in schools! There's not an explosion of CRT in schools. There isn't suddenly a huge change in people that is worth this much ink being spilled on the topic!

And we know this, because we can use the tried and true method for understanding human motivations: greed and self interest. If there WAS some kind of great benefit to trans women in women's sports, everyone would be doing it. If professionals thought there was a benefit, everyone would be doing it. If men thought there was a benefit, they would be doing it. It's the same thing with steroids: there was a tangible benefit, that's why they did it.

There is no tangible benefit to adopting an identity that will make half the country think you're Satan. The single reason one adopts the identity is because they think that they are trans, and that's their right as a human being. Why should we, or anyone, care about how they live their lives? That's not our business, and certainly not the business of the state to decide. Moreover, in the case of children, it seems to me that's between parents and their kids. That's how it's always been, and trans people didn't suddenly appear a few years ago, they've always existed, just like gay people always existed.

The real issue I think, is that lots of moderates are uncomfortable with things they don't personally like or agree with. But the problem is that these same moderates are entirely comfortable with people threatening or engaging in violence against this out group, because they themselves are not part of it. As plenty of POC can attest, there were plenty of white moderates who didn't want to rock the boat before the civil rights act was passed, because while they didn't like Jim Crow, they weren't uncomfortable with it existing, because it was the status quo.

The same holds true for people who aren't trans. Lots of people are not uncomfortable with trans people, but they're not uncomfortable enough with violence against them to actually, you know, want to do anything about it. As the saying goes, 'all evil needs to win is for good people to do nothing.'

By the way, this extends outside of this issue as well. If you want to know why the right doesn't get flak, it's because things like white christian fascism are known quantities to a lot of people. And if you're not personally affected, it's easy to feel like this isn't going to really come for you. People are comfortable with the idea of violence by the right for the same reason people shrug when reading about Ukraine; it's far away, it doesn't feel like it effects you, and even if it does, you'll get used to it.

While it's not as extreme yet, to use a reference, think of Germans living under Nazi germany who watched their neighbors disappear. Half my family is jewish, and basically none of the older ones didn't know someone who vanished. But what's always struck me is not the event itself, but that lots of people who were not partisan right wing nazis just sort of shrugged before, and also shrugged after. That's how this sort of thing gets worse: it relies on our sloth to make us go 'well, I know it's bad, but if I don't look at it, it won't bother me.' Everyone knew what they were doing, but everyone pretended that they weren't, or that it was something they couldn't do anything about, or that it was something that only happened to 'those' people.

So much of American life right now is being threatened because a minority, a true minority that is perhaps no bigger than 1 in 10, has leveraged its power over a political party and is now targeting groups that are no larger than 1 in a 100, in order to consolidate it's power and then attack others. We can't be 'both sides-ing' a bunch of people whose stated goal is a pogrom. We can't be like 'one side wants to round up and shoot trans people, the other thinks that they should have civil rights' and act like these are equal, because they're not. And this keeps happening. 'One side thinks teachers are all groomers and pedophiles, the other thinks they're not, let's act like these are both acceptable views.'

The problem with the right is that they understand that the inclination to both sides things in the name of fairness works in their favor. Ultimately, putting two things next to each other leads to people think they are the same in content and tone. At some point, you can't be 'above' things anymore. You have to take a side, because being 'unbiased' is a bias. It's also entirely unhelpful for understanding what's going on, with people intentionally taking advantage of people's desire to be 'unbiased.'

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I’m a liberal Democrat who went to grad school in anatomy and took multiple courses in biochemistry. I have LOTS of questions (not positions) about the effect of female hormones on the athletic superiority (by size) of the male heart and lungs. In seeking answers I’ve been labeled a TERF and shouted down. I support all rights for trans people. If you identify as a woman, then you’re a woman. My only questions are about athletic involvement, but being tarred as a bigot for those questions makes me more indifferent to the many challenges facing trans people. I hate to admit that, but it’s true.

That said, absolutely anything the Texas GOP says or does is anathema.

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It is exhausting, in a sort of existential way, to be regularly trotted out as a danger to the Nation, as a danger to children, as a danger to whatever antediluvian beliefs scared people are told to cling to because those beliefs somehow make them part of some elite club that's also anti-elite and that makes them "real people" or something.

I often feel that to the Right, I'm a Boogeyman and a convenient punching bag. I often feel that to the Left, I'm a merit badge and a useful box checked.

I constantly feel I should be remunerated by both as I'm clearly doing a lot of PR work that is currently not compensated.

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Happy Father's Day to the dad's posting/reading here today! To me too....

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I don't understand the Log Cabin Republicans- they vote for a party that literally calls them a danger to children and abnormal. Even if you want lower taxes, how do you vote for a party that sees you as subhuman?

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I've heard the 'Russia is winning' narrative a lot lately. It really does not make sense. Russia has moved all of its offensive capability to the Donbas and they still are making very little progress while experiencing heavy casualties. They are likely close to the culmination of this campaign with little to show for it.

Keep an eye on Kherson. The Ukrainians have taken advantage of the Russians moving troops to the Donbas by launching a counteroffensive. They have captured significant territory and are in a position to attempt the recapture the city. Will the Russians have anything left after they finally take Severodonetsk to reenforce Kherson?

At best the current situation is a stalemate and that is basically "losing" for Russia.

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The “fisting” comment from the lady at the mic reminded me of 2 Christian Coalition ladies I knew in the 90s when I worked for a governor. They once sent me a 50 page book on the evils of deviant sex, complete with drawn pictures! Never underestimate the deviance of “Christian conservatives!!”

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Jun 19, 2022Liked by Cathy Young

So. Does that Dugin guy speak Russian with a Texas accent? Or is it the other way around down there in the Lone Star State when it comes to the shot callers in the party in power.

A little light reading copied form the newsletter from Heather Cox Richardson "Letters from an American" (6-18), the name of which in this instance (for me, anyway) contains a tad bit too much irony on a couple of levels to go unnoticed.

"...delegates to a convention of the Texas Republican Party today approved platform planks rejecting “the certified results of the 2020 Presidential election, and [holding] that acting President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was not legitimately elected by the people of the United States”; requiring students “to learn about the dignity of the preborn human,” including that life begins at fertilization; treating homosexuality as “an abnormal lifestyle choice”; locking the number of Supreme Court justices at 9; getting rid of the constitutional power to levy income taxes; abolishing the Federal Reserve; rejecting the Equal Rights Amendment; returning Christianity to schools and government; ending all gun safety measures; abolishing the Department of Education; arming teachers; requiring colleges to teach “free-market liberty principles”; defending capital punishment; dictating the ways in which the events at the Alamo are remembered; protecting Confederate monuments; ending gay marriage; withdrawing from the United Nations and the World Health Organization; and calling for a vote “for the people of Texas to determine whether or not the State of Texas should reassert its status as an independent nation.”"

Can hear a bit of a 'twang' in there in a couple of spots from over yonder there beyond that Ukraine place, nyet?

With apologies to all the people in Texas who do not and will not support this bullshit...

What say you, Governor Abbott? I don't think you're planning on taking a shot at POTUS. But there may be another presidential job opening in your neck of the woods, if your political comra...er, allies get what they're apparently wishing for. How's that sound to ya'? Korosho, maybe?

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Wow. Well… couple things.Putin has no more face to save. It is NOT Europe’s job to save his face. Perhaps smoosh his face in a pie made out of the poison he used on Navalny? Id be okay w that.

As for the whole trans thing. Much like pregnancy, its complicated by the fact that each pregnancy and each trans human are different. Often dramatically different. Each situation is novel and deserves to be treated UNIQUELY. BY DOCTORS. Both pregnancy and transitioning are MEDICAL. NOT LEGAL.

I am sick to death of Republicans “playing doctor”. Checking the genitalia of athletes? Egregious Child abuse.

Should we rationally discuss the best way forward for trans kids? Yes if its to provide parents with resources and children with acceptance. We cis folk need to defend and ally of course, but we should listen a LOT before we “pronounce”. We should listen to trans people, and to parents of exploring kids

Transitioning seems deeply personal, and politics has no business in our personal decisions which do not affect anyone else.

Why is simple kindness so difficult for Republicans? Thats a genuine question in case someone wants to attempt an answer.

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Just a couple of observations on acceptance of gay versus trans individuals. Most of us have a gay family member which has aided acceptance of this group. Lots of parents in the past, did reject their gay offspring, but that has changed. I have gay family members and gay friends. I don't even know more than one trans person, and he runs their local organization. I doubt if we'll ever reach the point where everybody had a trans family member, so gaining acceptance is a tougher lift. And the sports thing? Please. Nobody becomes a transsexual in order to do better at sports. That's a totally ridiculous assumption.

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Peter Thiel a gay billionaire is a huge GOP/trump financial backer. Texas GOP needs to be careful not to crap where it eats.

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I’m tired of the demonization in modern American political discourse. Instead of accusing a “cos journalist” of being part of a clique, how about just addressing the ideas presented by Bazelon head-on? She’s clearly acting in good faith, and if she’s gotten something wrong or twisted or badly prioritized, why not try to educate her?

Perhaps natural human defensiveness makes insulin so difficult that folks want to give up on persuasion and instead treat disagreements as war, to which wet need to recruit allies. I really don’t like this state of affairs.

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There's something a little quaint about citing opinion polls when democracy itself is arguably teetering the the brink of collapse. Who cares what the general public thinks if policy can be commandeered by a vanguard of violent insurrectionists and revolutionaries whom the public is too apathetic or demoralized to oppose in practice? The whole point of the attempted coup was that the country should be at the disposal of (and will obediently follow) whoever has the single minded ruthlessness to seize it.

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Regarding Log Cabin Republicans, was there a group called Jews for Nazis in pre-war Germany?

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All I know is that Jesus never mentioned homosexuality even once, but he did say we should treat others the way we want to be treated, so I’m going with that (two facts which I’m surprised more devout Christians haven’t picked up on).

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