I was very angered with the by-and-large Republican boycott of Speaker Pelosi's announcement that she won't seek a leadership position going forward.

On any given day, if you want to skip a floor speech by any one of 435 Representatives, feel free. But this was an historic moment, not only in our nation, but in the very institution these Republicans have been elected to serve in. They disgraced the House, the People's House, by their shameful, immature actions.

Does anyone need more proof that their pivot from trump is nothing more than a desire to win more elections, and NOT a repudiation of trumpism, with all of its polarization, grievance, victimhood and disrespect for the norms that have carried our nation forward for over 240 years?

If Democrats walk out of the chamber the moment Speaker Pelosi hands the gavel to the new speaker (McCarthy maybe?), how loudly would they cry "Sore Losers"? Why is it that the GOP can act in any disgraceful manner with impunity, and the Democrats are fully expected to be the adults in the room? Democrats stood and wildly applauded upon Rep. Scalise's return to the House. Democrats everywhere have shown gratitude and respect for several Republicans over the years, including, but not limited to Sen. John McCain, Gen. Colin Powell, and most recently Rep. Liz Cheney.

Speaker Pelosi has made history. She has masterfully led the House Majority at pivotal moments in our history, with resolve, strength, toughness, and a political savvy seen in few others. She did not deserve the lies, the jokes, and the laughter from Republicans (elected, electorate, and candidates) when her husband was brutally attacked. And she did not deserve the dishonorable slap in the face by House Republicans yesterday. She took every sling and arrow the GOP continually threw at her with considerable wit, grace and dignity, something their party is sorely lacking in.

This episode has instilled a certainty in me about 2 things:

1. The GOP may in fact nominate someone other than trump, but they have NOT and will NOT reject trumpism or their roles in allowing it to grow, fester and destroy our country.

2. I couldn't be more proud to be a Democrat at this point in our nation's history. God bless Speaker Pelosi and her family, and I thank her for her honorable service to our party, and our nation.

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The reason republicans play so poorly among women isn't just because of the godawful Dobbs decision and its effect on women's rights. It's because of the permission structure among republicans that allows flesh-crawling creeps like D'Souza to make repugnant jokes about the attack on Nancy Pelosi's husband without consequence. It's same structure that allows equally flesh-crawling creeps like MGT to make ludicrous comparisons to immigration and the obscene attack by Russia on Ukraine.

The reason that Elon Musk's twitter is failing is precisely the same reason that Trump's MAGA party is failing - they've absolutely disgusted normal, decent people. They've also made normal, decent people worry about their safety: their personal safety and the safety of the country.

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Bravo Elon. Now do us a favor and buy Fox News. Hire SBF to be CFO.

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For Democrats, I feel that the midterms provided the absolute optimal outcome. Keep the Senate to confirm judges and allow a razor thin GOP majority in the house to beclown themselves and offer a second compelling foil, along with Trump, heading into 2024.

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You know, the old saying "Never interrupt your opponent when they're making mistakes" is really, really ringing true about Republicans these days

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“Loonbucket fuckwittery” is too polite methinks.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, Dinesh D'Souza, Jerry Falwell, Jr.: The prominence of these people in our national life brings to mind an old Ezra Pound phrase: Botched Civilization.

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I doubt whether many if any of the Twitter workers have any meaningful equity in the company. Busting your ass when you have equity and are going to (potentially) reap major rewards is one thing. That is the type of behavior that kind of makes start-ups work.

Twitter isn't a start up. Why would anyone bust their ass, ruin their quality of life, take what is essentially a pay cut so that the world's richest man can get out of the hole he dug himself? That he continues to dig?

I have no illusion that Twitter (or an equivalent) will go away. That is a fantasy that will go unfulfilled, an improvement in the human condition that will not be realized.

I AM hoping that the US government will not bail Twitter or Musk out. Getting tired of these rich f-ks avoiding the costs of their mistakes on the back of US taxpayers... or the people foolish enough to invest in them.

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Look, if the Republicans want to spend their time investigating Hunter and even the President? Have at. If there is something legitimate there it should be brought to light. Perhaps they can waste their time on that and not trying for the 83rd time to roll back the New Deal.

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I appreciate you being on what’s left of Twitter to bring me pearls like the Rick Wilson tweet. Meanwhile, I get more time to spend on Bulwark and other real news.

I believe the Dems have the most opportune time to bring in fresh leadership to get their feet wet while the GOP is doing what Rick said. And are busy doing stuff like excusing the invasion of Ukraine because people come to the US seeking better lives.

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As I was reading Cathy Young's compelling account of how Yevgeny Nuzhin was captured by the Russians, "tried" and executed on video, I could not help but think about how the former President of the U.S., announcing that he was seeking another term, included in his speech that alleged drug sellers should be similarly arrested, tried and executed in a single day. Damn the Constitution with its nonsense about due process, fair trials, Bill of Rights, and all that other nonsense.


Trump is not your "crazy uncle" making such remarks at the Thanksgiving Day dinner table. ("There he goes again with the drug dealers.") He's a former president running for the office again. AND YET NO REPUBLICAN COULD MUSTER UP THE ENERGY OR GUMPTION TO PUBLICLY STATE THAT EVEN JOKING ABOUT SUMMARY TRIALS AND EXECUTIONS IS WHOLLY UNACCEPTABLE, UN-AMERICAN AND SHOULD RESULT IN IMMEDIATE BANISHMENT FROM THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.

This is why after more than 40 years I filed a change of party affiliation form and left the Republican Party. This is not difficult stuff to rebuke unequivocally. The party and its leaders are genuinely sick and inching - trotting or running - towards fascism.

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So, to recap a bit of Morning Shots...

Twitter teeters under the weight of a lunatic...

The Greene Loon continues to coat herself with pond scum as she paddles about the waters of Lake Crazy...

Another crazy Lake is holding true to form...

Trump perhaps needs to give up Starbursts and opt for SuperBeets chews (maybe putting Kevin out of a job)...

D'Souza continues to be as repellent to normal thinking people as uncut DEET is to mosquitoes...

And it's not even noon yet.

Ahhh...Morning in America. Can't wait to see what this afternoon brings.

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MyKevin showed once again his classlessness via his reaction to Nancy Pelosi's departure.

While encamped in a meeting with Trumpian frontman Miller, he boldly claimed taking the current Speaker down.

While his incompetance will be bad for the country, it will be so enjoyable to watch the wannabe "leader" herd Rats (not cats).

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Please help me to determine if I understand the situation at hand.

1) The GOP ran on the economy, crime, the economy, border security, the economy, crime, the economy, border security, and the economy during the recent campaign. Additionally they seemed to say they wanted to fix crime, border security, and the economy.

2) No sooner are they projected to take a slim majority in the House, and despite losing in the Senate (again), than they say that their focus will be on investigations -- lots of them, all you want, all they need, starring The Bidens as Benghazi.

3) We have no information as to how long said investigations will drag out; how much taxpayer money will be spent on them, for how long, and under what circumstances; and what the rationale is behind the muckraking. The official GOP position is "Trust us. We know what we're doing."

There is more, but that's about all the meatloaf and mud pie I can digest in one sitting. All considered, it is my conclusion that these people are flat-out stoopid. As in, really, totally, foolishly, mind-numbingly, and proudly idiotic, fully at odds with what all manner of common sense and logic prescribes. Irredeemably so. They are hell-bent on going over a cliff and crash-landing. And they don't mind taking the rest of us along with them for the ride.

You might not know this yet, but I really, truly, honestly want for these people to fail. Spectacularly. And to bring shame and loathing upon their names and reputations for all time. Let there be consequences for their choices. And enjoy the show. Be sure to lay in a goodly supply of popcorn before the shelves go bare.

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The question of why Musk didn't just take $44B "out back and burn it?" got me to wondering how much that amount of money in $1-dollar bills would weigh. Google told me a dollar bill weighs one gram, so it takes 454 of them to make a pound. When all the multiplying and dividing is done, that means he'd have 48,458 TONS of fuel to heat his double-wide. Hope he's got a big back yard.

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A few comments -

If I recall correctly, if Musk abandoned the deal, he would have been on the hook for $1billion. Less loss of money, less chaos for him and everyone else.

Bad timing to require employees to work at high intensity. COVID gave them a lot to think about with respect to work/life balance. People chose their sanity over their job, except the House GOP. Insanity is their meat and butter.

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