Hot take: the same RW'ers bitching and moaning about Griner coming home either didn't care or didn't know who Paul Whelan was before her release. So they can kindly STFU

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Musk may no longer be the world's richest man (by his own fault), but he is still the world's richest spoiled brat.

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QUESTION: Will the new Twitter “doxxing” ban kill the Santa tracker? …or will they make a carve out for St. Nick?🎅

The only thing I know is that Twitter gave me an early lump of coal.

My main account was suspended last night for posting a screenshot that was > 6 hours old showing Elmo’s plane departing Austin, TX.

Apparently “doxxing” now includes talking about where someone is NOT located, even though the new ToS say otherwise.

It’s almost like they’re making this 🤬 up on the fly

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Dec 16, 2022·edited Dec 16, 2022

With regard to the Griner brouhaha:

Most Americans are glad that an American has been released.

Most Americans don't care who was traded to get the American home.

It's all a tempest in the Twitter teapot.

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I am so sad that the trading cards aren't real. I really liked flat stale chewing gum as a kid.

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If you want to find out who/what a person is, make them wealthy beyond dreams of avarice and they will show you.

We REALLY need to do away with billionaires... and with money as speech. These are things that will destroy us in the end.

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Twitter (and what happens on it) was never really news in any substantive sense. It is basically reporting on gossip and hearsay (at best).

It seems to me the height of laziness on the part of journalists that it was used so heavily and relied upon so heavily. Saved a lot of travel and actual investigative work, I guess--and allowed "news" organizations to cut staff and funding.

But people have a fascination with gossip and celebrity and the antics of celebrity... and so I think we were destined to turn Twitter and Facebook and their ilk into news. We are wired to find all this interesting and entertaining.

And the modern digital human is ALL about being entertained. Just look at the performative nature of our politics... and NOW, you too can be a celebrity is you shitpost often enough, hard enough, and extreme enough.

There are lessons to be learned here... but I doubt that many are learning them.

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It's impossible to look at that Blue Origin rocket and not immediately think Austin Powers.

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This was also in my in-box this morning, from Post Carbon Institute, and since it applies to the topic overall, I thought you all might appreciate it too (despite it being another fundraising email):

I'm Chuck Collins, a board member of the Post Carbon Institute. Like you, I'm worried about the converging crises we're facing right now: extreme weather, energy shocks, political upheaval, species extinction, rising poverty rates, and overconsumption of natural resources.

At PCI, we call this the Great Unraveling. One aspect of the Great Unraveling that I particularly worry about is the extreme concentration of wealth and power that's happening in our society.

All those billionaires that our broken system is creating aren't going to solve the Great Unraveling—and they're not going to fund the Post Carbon Institute either.

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It used to be that men pretended to be grown ups (some were). Now no matter how smart or dumb or rich, the pose for men these days is the image of the out of control frat boy. Not a good look guys, acceptable to only other frat boys. When they were in college they were probably the nerds who got bullied by the frat boys so now it's their turn to get even. But they are all just a bunch mean silly boys.

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i’ve decided not to renew Bulwark+. the bulwark obsession with Musk is just another example of American celebrity worship; it’s a politicized version of People mag: Guess who Jen and Brad are screwing now!!! Read all about it inside!!! Shocking New Developments in the Latest Elvis Sighting!!!! Lame, shameless marketing for mass consumers.

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Since when did the US government, or any government, have a problem with arms dealers? They are all buyers and sellers of arms. Oh, right. Selling arms to the wrong people.

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Twitter: to chatter, giggle, titter, tremulously, or tremble with agitation.

The only thing less attractive as an actual communication tool (or media outlet) is a Twitter run by a Chief Twit.

Twit: a foolishly annoying person

So, sorry, but nothing called Twitter is going to be ultimately trustworthy or useful for communication of reality or in-depth journalism for instance and the only thing worse is a Twitter headed by a Twit with no accountability or redeeming social value.

The world got along just FINE without a Twitter. Journalism got along much better before Twitter, imho. As did politics. And in general the arts of conversation and communication.

Move on, folks! Twitter is best left to the ash heap of history -- and/or the twits who love it.

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"Still sampling the wines of Bordeaux," you say? Man after my own heart. Happy Holidays, Charlie. Wishing all the wonders of the world here on God's green earth to you and yours.

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Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the US govt cancelled SpaceX contracts because its owner had lost his Security Clearance?

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Correction, Charlie--as of a couple of days ago, the world's richest man became Bernard Arnault, CEO and majority owner of LVMH....seems Elon's Tesla stock is tanking.

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