I don't know Charlie, imagine if AOC was elected Senator and then transformed into some soulless "centrist" opportunist who craps on the progressive activists who helped launch her rise. That's Sinema's trajectory and it really seems to be all about her political career as opposed to any particular conviction she now holds (or has ever held). I reject your "I told you so" because it's not about people disagreeing with her - they feel personally wronged by her. She is an absolute phony.

Anyway, if AZ Dems nominate another Kelly-esque candidate, then she's done. But yeah, this was really her only card to play given how much she is (rightly) despised by her former party. Hopefully it doesn't work out for her.

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Initially I liked Sinema, how quirky her personality was. I loved the schadenfraude of watching the sanctimonious Mike Pence swear in this bisexual Democratic woman as Senator. But then she turned quirky into, frankly, I don't know what. She voted down a minimum wage hike! She seems to do things to purposely anger and upset people, the very people who voted for her in the first place, often for inscrutable reasons. She turned into a sellout. And if she hands the reins of the Senate back to McConnell, a man who has done more to ruin the Senate and turn the federal judiciary including scotus into a bunch of radical hacks, then she's even worse.

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Oh please stop the Sinema victimhood enabling, Charlie. She's been all over the map ever since she jumped into politics as a member of the Green Party. She was elected to the senate as a liberal-to-moderate Democrat and has steadily moved right during her term. Had Raphael Warnock not won his race, she would have trotted over to Mitch McConnell on the Senate floor, kissed his ring and joined the Rs.

And then there's Arizona, which screwed up her plans, too. Sinema can try to run as an Indie in 2024 to save her seat, but Arizona today isn't Connecticut 2006 when Joe Lieberman pulled that off after losing the Democratic primary.

The truth is, Sinema isn't MAGA enough to attract Arizona republicans, and she's too unpopular to garner support from Democrats. She can read polls as well as anyone. She knows she won't win the Democratic primary in 2024. And it isn't because of the 'woke-progressive-mob'. The Dems just elected Mark Kelly to another term, and swept the board on major state races with other moderate Democrats.

You don't have to be a supporter of bathroom ambushers, which I'm not, to see that Sinema is the kind of self-serving DC swamp creature she claims to find offensive.

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"For progressives who might be apoplectic about all of this"

Progressives are not apoplectic about this. Progressives are taking a victory lap of their own, noting "we told you she's a self-obsessed-even-for-a-senator mercenary."

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Yeah, I don't condone following anyone into the bathroom for their voting choices. That's ridiculous.

Senator Sinema has been lesser degrees of ridiculous though, and the switch to Independent is the latest iteration of the Krysten Sinema show. I guess she figures that she'll lose a Democratic primary (shocker when you've been insulting the voters), and this likely neutralizes a general election Democratic opponent (probably also right).

The Biden admin should reward her for this with some appointed job, then let Governor Katie Hobbs appoint her replacement.

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Joe Manchin is who Joe Manchin is.

Sinema is looking for the highest bidder.

Charlie, I usually appreciate your POV but on this one I think you missed the largest point.

Sinema isn't a Jim Jeffords or a Joe Manchin or an Angus King.

She's looking for the payoff and she's open to all offers.

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Sinema didn't change her party affiliation because someone chased her into a washroom, Charlie.

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You can't spell Sinema without "Me, me, me".

Or "Mine, mine, mine" for that matter.

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She's only viable for reelection as an Independent. Nothing she does extends beyond her personal political future. She's as crass as they come.

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Have a great vacation, Charlie. You deserve it. I thank God for you, your podcast, your mates at the Bulwark.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Firstly, thank you Mitt Romney for saying what few other elected office-holding Republicans, even ones who aren't running again, have the balls to admit.

And since we're on that topic, am I the only one who's tired of hearing Republicans say that people want to "move beyond" the 2020 election? I mean, don't get me wrong – I hope that's actually true. But just like "he's costing us elections", this is really just another oblique criticism that avoids explicitly saying what needs to be said.

After all, if the 2020 election *had* actually been stolen, then of course we wouldn't want to just "move on". In fact it would be especially relevant in 2024. The obvious implication of wanting to forget about it all is what they can't bring themselves to say: that the 2020 election *wasn't* stolen, that it was a bullshit lie which we knew Trump was cooking up even before the election, and that the extent of this scheme and everyone involved has since been indisputably verified.

This, of course, would force them to admit what Romney was willing to say: that Trump is unfit for office, putting them in a bind if Trump actually wins the nomination.

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Well, Sinema gives Manchin an extended zombie life as a king maker again. Next, it could be Murkowski's turn if things get butt ugly. This is a curious checkerboard ( It's not Chess) . Now it's another independent, not a real party switch and I should know since I'm an independent. I don't know if this messes with the majority or not. Today, I'm interested in yet another hot topic

Brittany Greiner, the brand new We "hatecha" girl for the republican party. She's perfect for them.

1) she's a woman

2) She's black

3 Shes gay

4 She's gay and married too

5) She uses drugs

6) Her name is Brittany

7) She's a convicted felon ( maybe not here)

8) Biden got her out

9) She's not Herschel Walker

10 It's possible she's Jewish

11) She's too tall

Just perfect for the white guys who plan to read the constitution on Jan 3rd all day. How constructive.

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Gee, who could have ever predicted that the whack a doodle Senator from the wack a doodle state of Arizona would make such a self serving, politically ass saving decision? I guess she had the good grace to wait until Senator Warnock was re-elected.

May she loose her re-election bid.

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Somewhat hilarious that I thought you were referring to Sinema with this snippet:

“ [This] seems like a good time to remind everyone that irritation is not a strategy, and tactically performative jerkitude is a poor approach to changing hearts, minds or critical legislative votes.”

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I just want to give a shout-out to Cathy Young for writing some of the most insightful and nuanced pieces on the Ukraine war. I've followed the war closely since the initial invasion, but I always learn something new and think about events from a different angle after reading her pieces.

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Best take I’ve heard today is that she’s not running, or doesn’t care if she wins, because her goal is to be a high paid lobbyist. Which is, arguably, the job she’s been doing for 2 years anyhow. My 2 cents.

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