https://twitter.com/WalshFreedom/status/1554819745874051072?s=20&t=OEamcN0rkbIrSSFCmdponA I’m sorry but Joe Walsh sums up what happened to Peter Meijer and whose to blame for it. It’s a Biden +8 seat that WILL flip to the democrats and thus make it more likely that we keep the House of Representatives and prevent its institutional destruction from 2 years of crazy MAGA Republican rule. Was Peter Meijer going to switch parties? Because unless he was then a democrat winning that seat is a better outcome for America then him winning. As a Democratic Party operative and activist, it’s very funny to hear people tell us to be ashamed of ourselves when we are ruthless, when most of the time these same people deride us for being weak and feckless. If you’re mad about Peter Meijer losing, then place the blame where it belongs, on REPUBLICAN primary voters. They are the ones who voted for John Gibbs, not the clever hardworking strategists at the DCCC and “associated” Super Pacs. It’s about the majority. Now that being said I do hope Liz Cheney wins her primary, as it is a Republican at large seat in deep red Wyoming. Nuance matters people!

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The Kari Lake thing is horrifying, full stop.

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Bulwarkers takes on Democratic "meddling" are going to turn me into The Joker, I swear to God.

Peter Meijer lost because he voted to impeach Donald Trump, who Republican primary voters overwhelmingly love. Full stop. The fact that so many people are compelled to make this about something - anything - else is revealing.

Can we also stop regarding Meijer as Hypothetical Good Republican Who Will Bring The Party Back? We're not working on spec - we saw exactly how he operated. He took one vote that mattered and then pretty much turtled because he was scared of the Republican voters in his district. But hey, at least he makes Josh Holmes and friends feel a lot better about themselves every time they log on.

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"The big story is the turnout." - Will Saletan's comment on the Kansas anti-abortion memorandum 18+ margin vote.

Big win! And I hope the Democratic Party is smart enough to realize there is the #1 issue to pound, along with the laundry list of Biden/Dem accomplishments in the face of total opposition by the Repubs.

Don't waste money on attacking GOP candidates, spend on Get-Out-The-Vote and positive retention of 50-year old rights and the future.

Let the Look-Back-In-Timers (supporters of the Insurrection-In-Chief) try to get tired Repubs out to vote for the past and get more people to the polls with future casting with Dem accomplishments.

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Two comments:

1. The Ds should start an immediate anti Gibbs flight with 90% of the same creative, but an opening line “we tried to warn you!” Maybe then we will stop hearing that a “too conservative for western Michigan” ad was secretly pro-Gibbs (though I will admit it was designed to appeal to Trumpists’ inner toddlers).

2. Police budgets are over bloated. Departments are over-militarized. Barnes should make those more nuanced points, and emphasize he supports robust funding for community policing and other safety initiatives.

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In the world where the Dems sat on their hands and did not try to influence the Miejer/Dobbs race, the Bulwark politicos would have been criticizing the Dems for not being aggressive enough and a missed an opportunity for a pick up. How can Bulwark commenters always be so critical about lame and timid Dem tactics, yet criticize this long-practice campaign tactic?

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Arizona is a concentration of old white guys and their attachments. Look at all the golfcarts in the streets being used as cars. If Pat Buchannon was on the ticket, he'd get rave reviews too. The desert sun is really hot and it fries brains that were shaky to begin with.

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The Kansas abortion vote is very odd. Either Kansans persist in voting for Republicans despite opposing their policies (you hear me, Thomas Frank?), or the Republicans who tried to confuse voters with disingenuous phone calls and the obfuscatory language of the bill succeeded a bit too much, and ended up convincing the rubes to vote against abortion rights and not the libs. But it's not going to matter, because the Republicans in the Kansas statehouse will just ban abortion anyway, since democracy among the GOP is only legitimate when it's their side that wins. No doubt, they will argue voters found the language of the initiative confusing, they meant to ban abortion, and it's their duty to oblige their constituents.

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Aug 3, 2022·edited Aug 3, 2022

If the Dems can make conservative white Ohioers vote for a nutter with a few ads about how said nutter lives for Trump, what does that say about conservative white Ohioers?

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Kari Lake is a loon. I so hope she will not win the general. Same with Blake Masters.

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So Vaughn Hilliard is destroying America. Who knew? In fact, who even knows who Vaughn Hilliard is, other than MSNBC watchers? I’ve lived in the Tucson area for over seven years, and up until this past year, I had hope that Arizona was shifting away from being Crazy Town. Sadly, it’s probably not to be. Any Democratic win here is going to result in months of election “fraud” investigations. And a lot of taxpayer money thrown away for nothing.

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There was a time in the "before times" (pre Trump, pre Covid) when I seriously thought about moving to AZ. The high desert in the Northern part of the state and the Red Rocks (specifically Sedona) are just some of the best Mother Nature has to offer. But Climate issues were the first thing I thought a lot about, and now the insanity of the Politics.

Bullet dodged.

Still a beautiful place, I will admire from a distance.

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Why are Wisconers okay with far right white nationalists like Johnson?

Many police budgets are bloated. I worked in a NJ burb that was 2.5 square miles and had a median home price of 800k, yet there were 20 full time cops with body armor.

Right wing radio in WA is crestfallen this AM. Not only did they not get close to Patty Murray, they got skunked in almost every CD that's not deeply far right

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Democrats Fumble Opportunity to Lead Nation, news at 11.

The real hair on this is that Barnes is possibly the only way that Johnson could have held his seat. It's in the bag, now. Something monumental would have to happen to change that.

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I spent a lot of time in Arizona as a teenager looking for reptiles and candidly, Arizona has always been batshit crazy. At the early time, it was Goldwater in the run against LBJ after the Kennedy assassination and my take then was that no one was going to beat Johnson at that point and the crazies might as well take the floor.

Goldwater would probably be viewed as a RINO today.

Politics is an additive game. You try to increase your support and do everything you can to not lose support. This was a primary night for crazies but if they lose in Nov, they'll have to reassess the additives. If they continue to lose general elections in statewide races, they either change or die. We will see.

Look at Kansas. The biggest warning shot imaginable in a ruby red state. It just flashes "DANGER" to the idiots who think that republican legislatures should tell women how to conduct their personal lives. Crazies inevitably go too far.

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Don't say democrats got their wish in Michigan. Some "D"emocrats may have, but not me. Michigan is in a competition with Arizona to see which one can become the most like Alabama -- or cold war Romania -- the soonest.

My state is a disaster. Our current governor is doomed -- for the sin of trying to save their lives, the mass of Michiganders will never forgive her. The demos hates her because she is smart, she is hard working, and above all because she stood up to the bully in Washington and the bullies in Lansing. Next to her they look like what they are -- small, mean, petty, and cowardly. Especially Cowardly.

That's the most unforgivable political blunder any public official can make: reveal to people what they really are inside. So Gretchen is going down.

The next governor is a literal moral black hole, a mere human shaped shell of insincerity, an event horizon inside which there is nothing except lust for power. She is an empty nihilist with total contempt for everyone else in the world, especially her target demographic, whose intelligence she (apparently rightly) assesses as impossible to underestimate. She is a true Trumpian of the cleverer kind, a ruthless Iago-type Republican who believes nobility is claptrap, probity is for suckers, and the only true characteristics of human nature are stupidity, greed, gullibility, selfishness, and anger.

The current Michigan legislature is roughly comparable intellectually and morally to an assemblage of bibulous frat brothers partying on Saturday night after a football game, but compared to the bunch that are coming in next session, this group is up there with Franklin, Washington, Jefferson, Adams et al. I never thought I'd be sorry to see some of these people replaced but if there is one lesson we ought to have learned by now, affairs are never so bad as they cannot deteriorate still further.

And wait until you meet our (next) Attorney General!

It's been a warm but pleasant summer weatherwise here in Michigan. We need to enjoy what we have while it's left. As of next January, Michigan will be abreast of the field in the race to discover how corrupt and nescient government of the people, for the people, and by the people can become.

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