Sitemap - 2020 - Morning Shots

Mitch is Done With Trump

How Many GOPers Will Cross The Rubicon?

Trump Is Not Done Losing

What Were You Thinking?

The Mad King's Endgame

Impeach Him... Again?

Trump Has Been a Superspreader Event

Can We Quit Trump?

Trump Draws The Line In GOP Civil War

Democracy Prevails. For Now.

Trump Loses Again Today

No, It's Not Over Yet

The GOP Gives Up On Democracy

Six Things You Need To Know


A Coup in Broad Daylight

It Shouldn't Take Courage

All the GOP Really Cares About

The Leopards Eating People's Faces Party

The Madness That Grips The Right

Hanging Up On Trump

A Taxonomy of Trump's New Trutherism

Dumbing Down The Senate

Trump Caves

Will The GOP Be Married To 2020 Trutherism?

A Clown With a Flamethrower

The Easiest Off-Ramp

Performative Jerkitude

When Tossing Votes Is Your Go-To Tactic

Trump's Unreality Check

Friday the 13th in TrumpWorld

Does The GOP Have An Exit Strategy?

Trump's Post-Election Fever Swamp

How Alarmed Should We Be?

This Is The Way It Ends

Joe Biden: POTUS 46

America To Trump: You're Fired

America's Hangover

Day Of Decision

To The Brink

Special Sunday Newsletter: Brace Yourself

The October Non-Surprise

Will There Be Blood?

Trump's Karmic Fiasco

The Middle Finger Election

Our War Time President Surrenders To COVID

TrumpWorld's Last Stand

Donald Trump is Finished

Rudy's Junk

United States of Anxiety

Trump's Closing Argument

The GOP Becomes The Party Of Q

Too Late For The GOP

Mr. Rogers vs. Your Crazy Uncle

Trump's Luck Has Run Out

A Tsunami of Trumpian Crazy

Trump's Depraved Indifference

Who's Up For Some Court Packing?

Trump Saves The Worst For Last

The Last Debate

A Presidency in Freefall

The Worst Photo-op Ever

A Note From Wisconsin

Trump's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

How You Know Trump Lost The Debate

"Will You Shut Up, Man"

The Presidential Thunderdome

Only Little People Pay Taxes

How The Wisconsin GOP Lost Its Mind

The Problem With MAGA Cops

Nightmare Nation

200,000 Somebodies

A GOP Advantage on SCOTUS? Maybe Not.

No Decent Interval

RBG And The Coming Crisis

It's Almost Like There's A Pattern

Four Horsemen of the Trumpocalypse

"Herd Mentality"

All The President's Nuts

Some Things Matter, After All

How We Might Get This Wrong (Again)

Trump Does Kenosha

The Essence of Late Stage Trumpism