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2021…Not THAT bad

The Five Best Stories of 2021

The Five Worst Stories of 2021

The mask is off. So to speak.

A Bulwark Holiday Gift Guide

Joe Manchin Is the Only Thing Standing Between America and Sen. Cletus Von Ivermectin in 2024.

The Marvelous Mrs. Cheney

They Knew. They All Knew.

The Strange Case of Marc Elias

Your Sunday Morning BFDs

Lordy, The Coverup May Be Cracking Up

Some Tough Love for Merrick Garland

The Crushing of Peter Meijer

Calling Out Anti-Semites On The Right.. and The Left

The GOP Becomes The D*ck Pic Party

Dispatches From America

Cry Havoc, and Let Loose the Dogs of Culture War

Our Post-Roe Political Landscape

Speaker Marjorie Taylor Greene

Yes, We Have a Prosecutor Problem

Humiliation All the Way Down

A Bad Week For The Alt-Right

The Tyranny of Ideological Narratives

The United States of Random Violence

A Democratic Reset?

Justice for the QAnon Shaman

Adam Schiff Explains Himself

The Insanity Right in Front of Us

Who Loves America?

Misreading the Politics of “Normalcy”

Steve Bannon Has Plans

When You Summon the Chaos

The Tragic Danger of Kyle Rittenhouse

The 9 Tribes of American Politics

Who’s Afraid of Free Speech?

How The Right Gamed Out A Coup

WTF's Wrong With Aaron Rodgers?

Is Today (Finally) Infrastructure Day?

The Democrats' Dark Night of the Soul

Why Can't You Beat These Guys?

Biden Misreads His Mandate

Defining Deviancy Down: Politics Edition

"Drive This Ugly Back To The Fringes"

Snowflake Cons Embrace Cancel Culture

The Theater of the Deplorable

An Open Letter in Defense of Democracy

DeSantis's Pro-Anti-Vax Spin

What Cancel Culture Is -- And Isn't

The Insanity Is Contagious

For Steve Bannon? Really?

Our Limited Bandwidth for Alarmism

The GOP Is Unembarrassed

Militias with Badges

Are We Getting Kyrsten Sinema Wrong?

Idiocracy, Virginia Edition

The Problem with the “Red Dog Democrat” Thing

"Republicans Won't Be Voting"

The Narcissism of Small Differences

The Poltroons of Texas

Six Reasons To Be Alarmed

How Alarmed Should We Be?

The Plot Against America

A Sinema Reality Check

We Live In An Age of Grift

Want to Protect Democracy? This Is How To Do It.

It's About The Trust, Stupid

How Deplorable Is the Claremont Institute?

Manchin's Math Lesson

The Fall of Corey

5 Takes From the Generals' Hearing

An Act of Political Malpractice

The Arizona Unreality Check

This Is What Election Subversion Looks Like

The Scariest Number You'll See Today

The Right's Snowflakes Are Banning Books

Sane Republicans Are Self-Deporting

How Trump Planned to Overthrow the Election

We're Going To See More of This

These Are Not Normal Times

The GOP's Toxic Politics Claims Another Victim

Here Come The Secessionists

Does the GOP Really Want to Do This Again?

Get Ready for the Big Lie 2.0

My (Imaginary) Conversation with Chris Christie

Despicable He

6 Takes On The Mother of Mandates

Two Scary Emails

The Dog That Caught The Bus

What Now for Roe?

They All Know It's A Fraud.

The GOP's Sedition Caucus Gets Even Uglier

Why Does This Keep Happening?

Our Sunday Mailbag

Enduring Courage

Lordy, There May Be Consequences

Biden's Numerator/Denominator Problem

Democrats: Maybe Failure Is An Option

Arizona Braces For A Hurricane Of Bull#*%&

Darts and Laurels On Afghanistan

The Threat Within

The Christianists Versus Christianity

Our Post-Coherence Politics

The Right's Anti-Refugee Jihad

Now Comes The Blame Game

A Plea for Afghanistan

Biden Agonistes

Ditching "Defund The Police"

Biden's Win, Cuomo's Fall

Rock of Outrages

Tucker's Orwellian Tour

The GOP Blames Migrants. Again.

Tucker's Tour, Vax Wars, and Hate Mail

Biden Just Undermined the Rule of Law

The Post-Shame Politics of Andrew Cuomo

The Fascist-Curious Right

Is the Delta Variant Being Overhyped?

How Did It Get To Be August?

They Really Are Deplorable

Trump's Infrastructure Weak

Patriots Day

A Double Dose of Political Karma

Getting Deadly Serious About Vaccines

Our Sunday Mailbag

It Was Never About "Backing the Blue"

Nancy Pelosi Calls BS

Trump's Worst Day: A Quiz

Ben Shapiro's Worst Take (And Mine)

How To Keep Up With the Arizona Fraudit

Yes, Fox Keeps Getting Worse

Our Woke Book Burners

Secession, Coups, Lies, and Grift

The Idiocracy in Tennessee

What The Hell Happened To The Claremont Institute?

Jesus, Guns, COVID Denialism

The Big Lie is Spreading

A Depraved Indifference To Human Life

The Right Learns To Love Big Brother

Six Months That Changed America

"The Worst Part Is The Stupidity"

Why is Bill Kristol Alarmed?

NYC's Epic Election FUBAR

CRT Is The New Sharia

Don't Cry for Bill Barr, America

Scenes from the Endless Grovel

The Art of the (Real) Deal

Seven (Possibly) Unpopular Opinions

The Shark Attack Party

Are We Victims of "Contact Lunacy"?

Why Ban Only Critical Race Theory?

Rants, raves, darts and laurels

Green Shoots for Centrism?

The Propaganda Loop Comes Full Circle

Two More Reasons We Need a 1/6 Commission Now, More Than Ever

Don't Ignore the Pandemic of Violence

Bulwark Readers Sound Off (Again)

Who Would You Shoot?

A Political Rorschach Test

The Senate Whiffs on January 6

Unlearning "Tyranny"

The Doom Loop of Crazy

The Bulwark Gets Mail

I Regret to Inform You...

Death of a Blog

What Is History For?

Coups and Rumors of Coups

Our Weekend Feedback

Which Conservatism?

Boob Bait for the Bubbas

The Same Old Playbook

The United States of Distrust

Scenes from the Culture War

Bulwark Readers Have Some Thoughts

The Fire Next Time

Ten Takeaways From The House Vote

The Politics of Memory Erasure

Maricopa is Our Future

Is This Working for the GOP?

We Get (Lots of) Mail

Masks Off! Now Bring On The Vaccine Passports.

A "Not Crazy" Party?

The GOP's "Breaking Bad" Vibe

The Steal Next Time

Kevin McCarthy's 1/6 Problem

Yes, The Bulwark Gets Mail

Hackery, Sophistry, and Cant

"Move On," They Said

My Letter to Paul Ryan

The Right Sours On Freedom

Romney Asks the Right Question

Our Weekend Mailbag

Rethinking Voter IDs

The Feds Come For Rudy

Liz Cheney's Profile in Courage

The Crazy is Metastasizing

Kevin McCarthy's Revisionism

Bulwark Readers Sound-Off

"Angry and Obnoxious"

The GOP Attacks the 1st Amendment

The Power of Bystanders

A Nation on Edge

Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud

The Insurrection Is the Message. And Republicans Are All Still Onboard. 

The GOP Keeps Fleecing the Rubes

The GOP: No Autopsy, No Exorcism

Mitch Flips on Corporate Speech

The Politics of Retaliation

Georgia, Gaetz, and Infrastructure

Lordy, There Were Hula Hoops

Yes, Cancel Stephen Miller

Maskless Madness

A Race Against Recklessness

"Ret Conning" Trumpism

The Bulwark Gets Mail

Springtime for Fascism?

A Modest Proposal on Guns

The Future of Conservatism?

"My Mother is a MAGA Prometheus"

Putin's Fox Fanboys

The Bulwark Community Sounds Off

The Anti-Educationists

The Enemy Within

Russiagate Redux

Ron Johnson's Very Fine People

The 5 Tribes of the GOP

We Get Mail

Tucker Drags The Troops

Springtime for Biden?

The New Politics of (Big) Spending

What's Wrong With H.R. 1?

Land of Distraction

We Get Mail

Ron Johnson's Faux-Filibuster

Hostage to Insanity

The Sideshow Becomes the Main Event

The Woke Wars

CPAC's Insurrection After-Party

Yes, The GOP Has A Racism Problem

The Cuomo Meltdown

Down The Memory Hole

Crazifying The Right

The Tea Party at 12

Flyin' Ted

Rush Limbaugh's Double-Edged Legacy

Crenshaw Reloaded

Why the GOP Clings to the Big Lie

Trump's Party, But Worse

The Heart of the Impeachment Case

A Jury of Accomplices

The GOP's Jury Nullification

Enemies of Democracy

The Prodigal Republicans

The GOP Rejects The Culture of Consequences

In Praise of Secret Ballots

Liz Cheney And the Fate of the GOP

Trump Doesn't Want a Trial. He Wants a Farce.

The GOP Has No Antibodies for Crazy

The GOP Is Fine With It

Tucker Carlson and The Deep Lie

What's the GOP's Excuse Now?

How Impeachment Exposes the GOP

The GOP's Brief Prague Spring

The GOP Remains An Unserious Party

16 Takeaways From The Inauguration

Goodbye and Good Riddance

Trump's Pardon Dump Day

3 Votes That Will Define the GOP

The Storm Next Time

Defeated, Disgraced, Twice Impeached

Judgment Day

America Under Siege

Impeach. Indict. Disqualify.

Impeachment 2.0

Trump's Ugly Putsch


"I Wanted To Scream"

What We Learned From The Trump Tape