Sitemap - 2022 - Morning Shots

2022: A Consequential Year in Review

The GOP’s George Santos Dilemma

Get Ready for the Right's Bonfire of Vengeance

Tucker Carlson and the Dangers of Crying Wolf

What They Said Back Then

MAGA's Meltdown Over Zelensky

What It Was Like at TPUSA’s Post-Election AmericaFest

Cautionary Pundit Tales

Why Just Ban CRT?

Our Billionaire Trolls

Trump’s Treason

What Were You Thinking?

What the AR-15 Does to a Child's Body

Best of Morning Shots #1

Sinema's Independence Day

Trump's Very Fine People

So Much #Losing

No, There Are No Red Lines

Terminating the Constitution

Kanye Clarifies a Few Things

Arizona's Groomer-in-Chief of Crazy

It Was a Conspiracy. And It Was Sedition.

Does Elon Musk Understand...

"I really like this guy. He gets me."

Some Thoughts About Gratitude

Kevin McCarthy's "Crossover" Problem

The Hollow Men of the GOP

Is The Twitterpocalypse Nigh?

No Sex, Please. We’re Republicans.

Will This Time Be Different?

Trump Will Burn It All Down

MAGA Meltdown

Normies > Crazies

The Knives Are Already Out

Buckle Up

Elon Musk, Savant Idiot?

Don’t Be Pauline Kael

The Anti-Anti-DePape Right

"Falsehood Flies, And Truth Comes Limping After It"

"What the Hell is Wrong With These People?"

An Attack, a Viral Lie, and Elon's Inferno

A Contagion of Cruelty

Dark Scenario Rising

A Carnival of Shambolism

"An Olive Branch To A War Criminal"

Liz Cheney Scorches the Pro-Putin Wing of the GOP

Michael Fanone Has Some Things He’d Like To Say About Kevin McCarthy

The Right Normalizes Anti-Semitism

Kevin McCarthy's Chaos Agenda

Elon Musk is Putin's (and China's) Useful Idiot

Is Romney's Non-Endorsement Really Puzzling?

A Coup in Three Tweets

Alex Jones's Billion Dollar Lies

"A Concierge at a Rock Star Hotel"

Four Things You Really Ought to Read Today

“Kanye. Elon. Trump.”

Ben Sasse Is About To Be Tested. Bigly.

Ruy Teixeira’s Warning to the Democrats

Herschel Walker is a Preview of 2024

The Trump Before Trump: Krauthammer's Warning

The GOP’s “Coco Chow” Moment

Reliving a Sordid Chapter in American History

MAGA's New Mantra: "Blame America First"

The Right’s Lust for Violence

The Sublime and the Shambolic

Democracy Is Too Important To Be Left To the Lawyers. But. . .

O Dearie (Again)

The Art of the Steal

Merrick Garland's Red Line

Did DeSantis Really Think This Through?

This Storm *Is* Coming

The Cruelty and the Crazy

General Mark Hertling: Russia's Army Is Terrible. But It's Not Over.

All The GOP’s Faustian Bargains

Will the U.S. Abandon Ukraine? It Could Happen.

Why Ukraine Is Winning

The Character of a Queen

Reminder: When Romney Lost, Trump Called for “A Revolution”

A Risible Ruling

Trying to Win MAGAs Over Is Not Appeasement

Fake Elector, COVID and Kids, and "Semi-Fascism"

The American Dream, Abortion, Ukraine and Courting Older Voters

The Mystery of the Missing Republican Ad Money

The Military and the Fate of Democracy

The Dobbs Backlash is Real

To Charge or Not to Charge

Forgiving Student Loans: Bad Politics, Bad Policy

Trump was Breitbart. DeSantis is Infowars.

Protecting The Donald

"Now, The Real Work Begins"

Would the GOP Nominate an Indicted Trump?

Mar-a-Lago Goes NUCLEAR

Trump Pleads the Fifth

A Uniquely Dangerous Moment

The DOJ Crosses the Rubicon

I’m Sorry, But He’s Running

Alex Jones Gets His Reality Check

What The Right's Embrace of Orbán Tells Us

What Did Kansas Tell Us About Abortion?

The Good, Bad, and Very Ugly

Why Garland Should Go Big

"We'd Take Apart the Black Sea Fleet"

Crackups, Proxy Wars, and Third Parties

What Fresh Hell?

On ECA: Don't Make the Perfect the Enemy of the Good

They Keep Telling Us Who They Are

"A Stain On Our History"

Ready For Prime Time

Is The Media Too Mean to Joe Biden?

Signs of GOP Trump Fatigue?

Of Course He’s Running

The One Thing That Could Save Joe Biden

Timeline of a (Premeditated) Coup

How To Charge Donald Trump

But He Doesn't Fight

Did It Really Happen?

Unlike the GOP, the Brits Still Have Guardrails

Cautionary Pundit Tales

The Libs Who Hate Liz

A Crisis of Patriotism

The Big Lie Is Just the Pretext

What Liz Said

Cassidy Was Trump's Worst Nightmare

Playing Scrabble in the Thunderdome

A Culture of Life? Don't Count on It

What Comes Next?

Donald Trump's Insane Criminal Conspiracy

Ron Johnson's Electoral Fraud

Trump Did This

The Madness (and Danger) of the Texas GOP

Has the Tide Really Turned in Ukraine?

"A Revolution Within a Constitutional Crisis"

Why Steve Bannon Is So Dangerous

Big Night For The Big Lie

Garbage All The Way Down

Department of Whataboutery

The Case Against Donald J. Trump

Can We Please Use the Word “Women”?

It's the Crime, Stupid

The GOP’s Other Big Lie

Trump Will Be On Trial This Week

Has the Tide Turned in Ukraine?

“Life Has Never Been Normal”

‘Never Again’ Happens Again (And Again)

What the AR-15 Does to a Child's Body

A Crisis of Guns = A Crisis of Democratic Governance

Can We Stop Mass Shootings?

The Long Disgrace of the NRA

Is Trump Losing His Grip? Maybe.

A Bad Night for Trump’s Big Lie

The GOP Goes Soft on Terror

The Good, Bad, and the Really Ugly

Biden Hits the Right Note

The Revenge of Dark MAGA?

Our Billionaire Trolls

The New MAGA Establishment Prevails

McDonald’s and the Future of Russia

Toxic Ideas Can Have Fatal Consequences

The Replacement Theory -- And Terrorist Practice

The Jan. 6th Committee Escalates

Chuck Schumer’s Political Malpractice

The Big Lie Gets Its Movie

“Do You Think Trump Was a Danger to Democracy?”

Battle of the Roe Narratives

Cathy Young: Dispatches From the Roe Wars

The GOP’s Exceptional Abortion Problem

J.D. Vance Knew What Republican Voters Wanted

Trump Gets His Hillbilly Senator

The End of Roe?

Tucker and the Dangers of Crying Wolf

Begun, the MAGA Wars Have

Does America Have an Oligarch Problem?

"A Willingness To Do Harm"

A Good Day for Democracy

Bonfires of Vengeance

The Humiliation of Kevin McCarthy

Maybe the Democrats Should Try Popularism

Florida’s “Authoritarian Socialist” Governor

Fahrenheit 2022: A Spasm of Book Banning

Why Tucker Worries About Testosterone

Easter in a Time of Crazy

Our Geriatric Politics

Stop Passing the Buck. Charge Trump.

Words and Weapons for Ukraine

Virginia’s Free Speech Wars

The GOP’s Huckster-Hoaxer Axis

Coverups... In Plain Sight

Mitch McConnell and the Banality of Amorality

Are The Sanctions Stopping Putin?

CPAC Goes Full Orbán

The Kremlin's Manifesto of Hate

A Governor Breaks Up With Trump

Confronting the Horror

The Right's Cancel Culture Comes for Disney

Trusting Madison Cawthorn

Trump's Treason

Judge Carter’s Memo to Merrick Garland

Warning to the West

Greitens Tests The Limits Of The Post-Decency MAGAverse

9 Things You Need to Know About Ginni's Texts

Too Crazy for Mo Brooks

Senators Behaving Badly

DJT reminds us (again)...

Hawley’s Deplorable (and Dishonest) Attack on KBJ

Yes, Cancel Culture Is Real

The Pro-Putin Wing of the GOP

Vladimir Putin: War Criminal

Zelensky's Heartbreaking Plea

What Courage Looks Like

Biden’s Dangerous Message to Putin

The Best of the Bulwark on Ukraine

Madison Cawthorn Is Not An Outlier

Whose Side Are You On?

Five Hard Truths About Ukraine

Tucker and Barr, and Florida. Oh My.

A Never *Again* Trump Coalition?

What Is Putin Afraid Of?

“This Is Their Time”

“Obstructed, Influenced, or Impeded”

Never Again?

The War on Freedom CPAC Forgot

Some Thoughts on Accountability

The Hinge of Fate

The Massive Gap in Biden's Sanctions

"You Are Going To See Our Faces"

Putin's Most Useful Idiot

The Mask Comes Off

Putin's Right-Wing Shills

Indicting Appeasement in Munich

Second Thoughts On San Francisco?

The Lessons of San Francisco

Remembering P.J. O'Rourke

Your Five Tuesday BFDs

Larry Hogan's Impossible Dream?

Our Upside-Down Politics

How Not to Fight the Next CRT Battle

How Wisconsin’s GOP Is Losing Its Mind

A GOP Crackup?

The Unbearable Lightness of Nikki

Why The RNC Is Obsessed With Liz Cheney

The Conscience of Mike Pence

The RNC Joins the Insurrection

The Deplorable Mr. Hawley

The Barr-Pence Line

Thomas Massie's Epic Face-Plant

No, the GOP Won't Save Us

And There It Is...

Dumbing Down Our Schools (Again)

A SCOTUS Reality Check

Dems' Problems Run Deeper Than Just Biden

How Dangerous is Georgia v. Trump?

A Troll's Progress

Sykes's Law: It's Always Worse Than You Thought

Somebody Else Had a Lousy Week

Biden's Presser: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Democrats: Change Course Or Get Crushed.

Why DeSantis Will Blink

Trump Previews the GOP’s Future

Trump's Electoral Forgery/Fraud

Biden's Terrible Thursday

The Doom Loop Of "Relevance"

Joe Biden Needs Four Sister Souljah Moments

Would The Bills Really Save Democracy?

Why RonJon Might Win

More Depraved Indifference to Human Life

Ted Cruz and the Politics of Groveling

How Did We Not See It Coming?

What They Said Then

Thoughts On Our Political Exhaustion

A Sobering New Year