Sitemap - 2023 - Morning Shots


Here Comes the Indictment

Here Comes Chris Christie

The No Labels Delusion

“Congratulations to Kim Jung Un!” (sic)

Deplorables of the Week

Trump’s Smoking Tape?

Tales of the Weird

Who Won the Debt Fight?

What Happened to the Bully Pulpit?

A Spectacular Failure to Launch

Meatball’s Musk Moment

Potemkin Presidential Campaigns

Fox’s Latest Hoax

My Conversation With Margaret Hoover

Disney’s Dagger. Youngkin’s Move?

The Brutality Is the Point. Really.

You Knew It Was Bad, But...

Rage on the Right

Bonfire of the Normies

The Deplorables of the Week

The Moment That You Knew

Donald Trump: Abuser, Liar

What Happened to Lindsey Graham?

Biden’s Wakeup Call

All The President's Seditionists

Peter Thiel’s Baby Alligator Problem

All Trump’s Women

My Kevin Finally Gets It Right

The Right Goes All-in on Cancel Culture

Pence on the Stand

Disney Strikes Back

The GOP's Weird Deep Fake Campaign

Tucker’s Demise

Identity Politics Comes for a Best-Selling Novelist

Deplorables of the Week, Vol. 3

Ron DeSantis Has a Lizard Problem

No Apologies for Fox's Costly Lies

A Harrowing Tale From the Heartland

GOP Shots Fired (Sort of)

The Deplorables of the Week

Greg Abbott's Jury Nullification

"Top of the Line!" Trump Fawns, Again.

Join me on Notes

Numbed America

Is it Time for the GOP to Panic?

The Stupidity. It Burns.

Is the GOP Addicted to Losing?

The Non-Trivial Crimes of Donald J. Trump

Mr. Trump is Ready For His Close-Up

Ready Perp One.


Chris Christie Redux?

Judge Luttig Has a Warning for America

Trump’s Shrinkage Problem

Trump or Death in Waco

Florida's Idiocracy: An Update

A Requiem For the Independent Judiciary

Trump, DeSantis, and Fox, Oh My

The GOP Hostage Crisis: Year 8

The Worst is Yet to Come

Trump Picks an Enemy: Us

The Dilemma of Horny Bro Conservativism

The DeSantis Mini-Trump Strategy

DeSantis Sends Putin a Message

Why Not Pence?

What Joe Gets

Kevin McCarthy’s Deplorable House

Tucker's Firehose of Lies (and Hypocrisy)

Retribution, Eradication, and the Coming Storm

What Were You Thinking?

In The Room Where It (Doesn't) Happen

Freak Shows and Faux News

No, DeSantis Is Not Worse Than Trump

Paul Ryan, Fox News, and the Future of the GOP

Ditching CPAC

Why Trump Is Targeting Trans

A Stark Judicial Choice in Wisconsin

Joe Biden and His Critics

An Act of Literary Vandalism

Peeling Fox's Onion of Hypocrisy

Applebaum: One Year Into the War

The Wisconsin GOP's High Court Crackup

Ron DeSantis Comes for the Free Press

High Level Corruption. In Plain Sight.

A January 6 Exclamation Point (!)

Gaslighting Our Politics

The GOP Keeps It Classy

Why Was George Santos Wearing That AR-15 Pin?

Dark Brandon Takes His Shot

The Dithering of the “Maybe Trump” Republicans

This Is Not "Punching" Back

A Short Guide to MAGA "Conservatism"

Bulwark Poll: 28 Percent of 'Always Trumpers' Would Go 3rd Party

The Brutality Is the Point


Freaking Out Over Rank Idiocy

Springtime for Nazis... On Twitter

Why is the Right Losing the Young?

What Comes Next On Abortion?

The New Face(s) of the GOP

Is This The Santos Tipping Point?

MLK Deserved Better. He's Not Alone. (Corrected version.)

MLK Deserved Better. He's Not Alone

There's Nothing "Conservative" About Reneging On the Debt

A Message from MLK, Jr.

Suppressing the Black Vote. And Bragging About It.

It’s Almost As If Republicans Are in Disarray

James Carville and Bill Kristol Walk Into a Bar...

Steve Bannon: International Seditionist

Really, What Could Go Wrong?

Two Years Ago...

Trump Extends His Losing Streak

Kevin McCarthy’s Hat Trick of Humiliation

Welcome to the MAGA Crackup